Women Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurship

Women are the backbone of the society.She defines herself as a complete ,whole human person ,not a helpmate to a man,a mother ,wife or server to others needs.Today women is the root of the nation so without women empowerment the progress of the nation is no rapid.As a tribute to women,International Women’s day is celebrated on 8th March .It is a day to reflect the achievements of women and to celebrate the progress made to advance women’s equality.

In today’s world , women are successful in every field of work . From doctors,engineers,entrepreneurs etc they are growing in every field.Women entrepreneurship has been recognised as an importance source of economic growth.It also contributes to the well-being of the family ,reduces poverty.They always say ‘when you educate a women ,you educate an entire family.



Purplechai Technologies believes in empowerment of women . The CEO of the company,Mrs Vaishali Vishal Sharma is a simple but strong-headed women who believes in teamwork and courages her employees.She believes in working in a friendly environment and considers her employees are friends which helps in the growth of the company

Check this link  and you’ll know what am exactly talking about!


Media Coverage : Purplechai Team was also featured in Sakaal times for our ‘Pu.La.Deshpande app and ‘Fable’ where our CEO talks about the app and our team.




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Mark My Words

Mark  My Words 

Nobody really knows when people first started playing word games, but it wasn’t too long after the man put word to page, scroll or cave wall. Word games can be great fun ,challenging your knowledge of language.

Are you a stickler for good grammar? Do you cross your T’s and dot your i’s   and make sure your friends do it too?

Mark My Words is the app for you. It sharpens one’s mind  with the help of famous quotes and sayings. This app helps children to utilize their time in a memory enhancing fun game. Click on “YES” or “NO”,get the right answer and voila! Prove that you know your language.

Mark my Words is a fun, challenging game  suited for all age groups. Compete with your friends or just play to increase your knowledge.

Remember Knowledge is Power!

Here is the demo of the app.



  • Fun, flexible and fast paced word game perfect for coffee breaks or subway.
  • Free and highly addictive for friends who like word finding games with letter.This game is a great time killer for of word games.
  • This works without any internet connection so you can play this game anywhere once you download it.
  • Tired of playing dumb games? This a game that makes you think, challenges your brain,use your mind and test your skills now.
  • Play Mark My Words NOW!
  • Screen Shot of the app

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21 Flags

21 Flags

 Did you know that 6/10 people who played this game did not know more than 10 flags. Think you can score higher than your friends?

This app helps you to test your memory and increases your knowledge.It also improves your concentration and sharpens your mind.

It is also a great way to introduce kids to the countries of the world. All you have to do is match the flags with the respective nations.Truly,fun with flags.


  •  Extremely simple,useful and a educational game.
  •  It works as a effective brain refresher for your children.
  •  Perfect for kids and students who need a fun and entertaining educational  game to play.
  •  Easy to play,learn and understand.
  • Colorful User Interface.
  • This works without internet connection.
  • Kids can study and play at the same time.
  • Through this app kids can study at their own convenience,anytime,anywhere in the world.

What will my children learn? Your child will learn about the planet and its countries without any stress.It will  also help them  to build some confidence.

We love to hear from parents and kids too.Tell us how we made a difference in your child’s education.Please rate our app and post comments below.

Click on the link below and check the demo of the app.

ScreenShots of the app.




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