Mobile Sites Or Mobile Apps

31st December 2014 - 2 minutes read

With affordable pricing and a variety of options to choose from, mobile phone user is shifting towards smartphones. Trend says that more and more people, will go online via smartphones at least monthly, and by next year majority of mobile users will use internet through mobile.

Now a day, many businesses represents their products and services using websites. Large number of customers are browsing websites using smartphones. A well developed mobile sites and mobile applications play important role for business growth.

But how to choose between mobile site and mobile app? Its a very important choice that a business owner has to do because both options have advantages and disadvantages. Its tough to decide, but , it largely depends upon goal of your business.

Its recommended that ,you build both mobile app and mobile website. Having both will help business to get attention of large number of mobile audience.

Advantages Of Mobile Apps

  • Using native mobile features, you can create a best user experience for your existing customers and new customers.
  • It provides a unique functionality and speed.
  • It incorporate smartphone features like the camera or GPS.
  • You can access mobile app in offline mode as well.
  • With mobile apps ,you can easily send notifications for new product releases or any special offers.
  • It makes you reach you target audience easily and with less time.

mobile apps


Advantages Of Mobile Site

  • It is affordable to develop mobile site than mobile app.
  • It takes less time to develop.
  • It increases search engine visibility, which in turn will help to grow your business.
  • It can run on any smartphone devices and not restricted to any mobile operating system.
  • Sharing mobile sites is easy to increase the reach, site url can be shared using emails, text messages etc.

mobile sites


Both mobile sites and mobile apps have their own benefits. Mobile apps is an added advantage to your business, but, it is very important to have a mobile website to reach out larger audience.